Friday, June 11, 2010

summer is here...finally. the raspberries are in. apricots ready to pick. golden tomatoes ready. the lettuce and arugula are bolting. basil, beets, and carrots are coming along. harvested lavender yesterday and bundled them and hang them to dry. i promised them to Jennifer if she wants them. otherwise i will make lavender sachets again.

the narratives for the OUR OWN VOICE ezine Babaylan issue are trickling in and sent to the editors. the best part about this is getting to know the authors a bit more, reading about their experiences at the conference. i didn't get a chance to attend the breakout sessions so i'm revisiting the conference through their narratives.

an evening of Dawac Stories with Manang Betty is shaping up. July 31st.

writing a review of The Thorn Rosary.

attending the US Social Forum.

catching up with home projects. with Noah. with books waiting to be read.

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