Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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Free Speech TV coverage of the USSF

Peoples Movement Assemblies

My education about the World Social Forum and the US Social Forum has just begun. Although I have known of the WSF and USSF, I haven't felt connected to it...until now. This first time attendance at the USSF is like kindling to the next steps that I know I will be thinking about a lot. Not just thinking but acting and making decisions to support the movement from my own location/position. Another world is possible. Another US is necessary. Another Detroit is Happening. Yesterday, before leaving Detroit we went to Avalon Bakery. This is one of the gems in Detroit and just one of the many social entrepreneurships sprouting all over the city -- urban gardens, coops, Heidelberg project, Urban Network, Catherin Ferguson School, Boggs Center, ALlied Media Project. As we drove in around the city on my last day in Detroit, seeing the devastated neighborhoods, burnt and abandoned houses ...somehow it didn't sadden me. Perhaps it was the surprise of urban gardens sprouting around the city; all the good news I heard about community grassroots organizing; the people I met who work tirelessly in feeding the homeless; or those experimenting in intentional communities; or those marching to stop foreclosures, to stop incinerators in their neighborhoods; to stop the city from gentrifying the city and abandoning the poor -- these and so many other stories and especially the voice of 95-yr old Grace Lee Boggs talking about the hope, the re-spiriting, the re-imagination of Detroit -- all of these encouraged me and inspired me.
If Detroit is a mirror into the future that we are facing as we move into the post-peak oil phase, I am wondering how to transition. Transition movements are all over the US now...and one of the main hubs is right in my backyard - Sebastopol. But how to plug in?

I suppose the answer will reveal itself. What is important is that the question has been raised.

Thank you, USSF. Thank you, Detroit.

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