Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 4

The dialogue between Immanuel Wallerstein and Grace Lee Boggs  brought into focus what most folks at this forum already know: Capitalism is in crisis. We need to develop new ways of thinking and being beyond oppositional thinking, beyond hierarchies, beyond consumption. We need to organize our communities and imagine alternatives to the present way of living.

Wallerstein:  Capitalism as a world system is racist!! 

PM: I went to the Indigenous People's Assembly organized by the Indigenous Environmental Network
* The USSF must link the Indigenous People's movements of the Global South with the Global North.
* Re the politics of "Another World is Possible" at the USSF in relation to IPS: what about issues of reparations? decolonization and healing? enrollment lists? How to be visible within USSF? What should other movements do to support native communities?
* USSF in Detroit (based on lessons learned from USSF Atlanta) was able to plan and prioritize the inclusion of Native Peoples in the USSF.

Day 5
Can another world be possible that is not rooted in the experience of the subaltern? (workshop title)
This workshop is about the process of the World Social Forum and the US Social Forum.

Bill Copeland (Detroit organizer): USSF Detroit planning meetings were about:
* The role of culture and the political culture of USSF (Intellectual and linear)
* Generational shift: can we trust the youth as leaders?
* Local Detroit history: against globalization
* Role of Allied Media Project
* How can USSF benefit Detroit?
* Gaps between Black and Indigenous communities - how to bridge
* Low tech vs high tech
* Youth organizing (strengths and weaknesses)
* Political question for Detroit: what does it mean to hose the USSF?

to be continued....

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