Saturday, May 15, 2010

Notes from GLOBALIZATION OF RACISM (Donaldo Macedo, Panayota Gounari)

By dehistoricizing race and ,by implication, racism, the dominant ideology gives rise to a fertile terrain that confuses the meaning of race and enables conservatives as well as some liberal scholars to claim the 'end of racism.' By dominant ideology we refer to the organizing principles that generate, shape, and sustain white supremacy designed to exclude other human beings by virtue of their race, language, culture, and ethnicity so they can be exploited.

Through this dehistoricizing, racism is often disarticulated from politics and the ensuing political projects that crystallize subjectivities, agency and democratization. Individuals who embrace a dehistoricization process in their treatment of racism fail to recognize that racism is always historically specific and that it manifests itself differently in terms of geographical, cultural, ideological and material location.

...where race is a set of conceptions, racisms are sets of conditions and conditions are never set outside of history. by dehistoricizing the spaces that racism has occupied and is still occupying imaginatively and materially, we are forced to embrace a depoliticized notion of race while remaining trapped in a field in which political interaction has been banished.

...new forms of racism are manifesting globally and are exarcebated by the commonsense discourse of neoliberalism and its theological embrace of the market as panacea for all world problems.

to be continued...

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