Friday, May 28, 2010

connecting the dots....

is there a crisis in the humanities in higher ed?
according to the Chronicle of Higher Ed there is.
does this have anything to do with
    our postmodern turn
    emergence of secondary orality
    dwindling literacy rates
    technological innovations
and impact of the above on the creative imagination?

could it be that the system keeps trying to hold on to
19th century industrial roots of modernity,
to imperial impulses, capitalist logic?

the system intuits its design flaw but is afraid to face it/
there is too much at stake, too much to lose
and yet
and yet
in its refusal, couldn't keep the abyss at bay

i keep thinking of the Titanic
how impossible to turn it around
once it hit the tip of the iceberg

this is why i shudder everytime i hear
"education is the key"
no one ever asks "what kind of education?"
and "education for what"?

as Matthew Fox and Thomas Berry said a long time ago
once the cosmic perspective was banished from
education, we ceased to understand how the earth dreams us

to listen to the dream of the earth was once the playground of
the humanities
is it still?

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