Thursday, February 04, 2010

it just occured to me that i didn't blog about the retreat last month with the volunteers of the babaylan conference. for four days, we told stories, laughed, played, danced, meditated, sang, ate well, created rituals, shared dreams, cried ...

i really don't know how to describe the weekend -- it was more than magical. it was energizing. powerful. healing. everything has expanded (and not just our girths). i banked this energy and i know i can count on it for the rest of the days leading up to the conference.

already we have been receiving many gifts: several primary babaylans from the Philippines want to come and join us.

at work, several profs are teaching segments on the American empire with a focus on the Philippines. i've said 'yes' to invites to talk to their classes.

this semester is going to be full to overflowing.

it is awesome. it is humbling.

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