Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dear Leny, 
I embrace your Babaylan book with warmth and reverence deep into my loob! Your kababaylans have gifted me with a sensuous spirituality that is drawn from struggle, scholarship, and silence. As in a meditative walk, I pick up precious nuggets. Desire is sacred. Our planet’s skin is sensitive. Even cities teem with spirits. Texts are alive, as a matter of fact, metaphors bleed. Colonization hurts. Decolonization heals. Loob is kapwa. Tenderness is global. We can cease to be angry. We can choose to come home or refind it elsewhere. See, the land has absorbed bombs, blood, and dead bodies. Call the babaylans! Let them chant with confidence! Let them lull us to sleep and then dream of the past possible future. Now, I am ready to preach the call of your Babaylan---The past is at hand. The future is indigenous! 
Fr. Albert Alejo, SJ, Poet, Priest, Activist

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