Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What color is the sacred?

wild animal inside your body
during the day they live inside you
at night you live inside them
such is color (61)

how do you get it, how do you sneak past the watchful eye of the system that in categorizing holds you apart from reality? (65)

not having access to shamans, drugs or spirits, Sartre is forced back onto his own resources - which is his thinking about thinking - a way of using words to tell a story - that will do an end-run around language so there can be some first contact with reality.

the philosopher attains a curious state of freedom from the world by being attuned to it.
music+nausea=story (68)

(Malinowski's) white is the chromophobia extremity that ingenuity masters to box in the extremity of color. white sterilizes the extremity of color (81)

standard shamanic speak - dying so as to transform in a spectral being (86)

body prone to mystical sensitivity to that other body, the body of the world (88)

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