Sunday, January 24, 2010

sigh. what to do?
so many folks out of work.
one barista opening at Peet's and 500 applicants
many with college degrees.

we are undergoing a deep restructuring
you wouldn't know it by the way the pundits
carry on. keeps beating the dead horse
as if it could resurrected

not even bringing a genius back to the
white house staff will carry the populist
message across to an increasingly angry
and confused populace.

and i keep telling myself that i should write
editorials and send them to the local paper
or send them to journals. or post them on FB
and listserves.

i have something to say.

but i was given only one small task
and this is where the energy is
the babaylan conference
coming soon.

the path of the buwaya unfolding...

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