Sunday, December 13, 2009

where did 2009 go? all of a sudden it's year's end and Obama has been in office for a year.
and what does he have to show for it except more war talk? even if nuanced a bit more, this is really disappointing.

well, if james lovelock is right, it doesn't matter. in his latest book, The VAnishing Face of Gaia, he writes that there will only be one billion people in the world by the end of the century; the rest will have been wiped out. Lovelock thinks all the effort to deal with climate change is far too late and will no longer make a difference.

still, lovelock is making future plans. one of them is to go on a space flight with Richard Branson on the first Virgin galactic service. just because we are nearly doomed, doesn't mean we shouldn't still make plans.

despite the gloom, his eyes twinkle. why? "it's absolutely hubris to think we can save the planet."

i like this guy.

(from Ode Magazine)

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