Thursday, December 24, 2009

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go ahead and enjoy the magic of Pandora.
the luminous world of the Na'vi
their animist and shamanic connections
to the tree of life and their deity, Eywa.

go ahead and enjoy the magic of special effects.
of computer technology. of science.

go ahead and be mesmerized by fantasy images.

go ahead and fall in love with the natives.

go ahead and hate the colonizers.

go ahead and root for the lovers.

after all these, open your eyes to the narrative.

i did.
and i found myself getting bored with the cliched
plot: colonizing, waging war over resources, getting the 'savages' out of the way, a hero who falls in love with the chief's daughter who saves her people against his own, etc.

the magic quickly faded for me. in the end the magic of technology couldn't save the story for me.

give me a Miyazaki film anytime.

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