Tuesday, December 08, 2009

As soon as I was able to acknowledge that I am now old enough to be an elder, mentor, auntie or tita to many young people, I find that there is a glowing sense gratitude that goes along with this sense of responsibility and accountability.

Coming around to this realization took awhile.

When I was growing up in a Protestant household, we were given these messages:
Individuality and independence is good. You don't owe your parents anything because it is their responsibility to raise you as an individual. Respect them as your parents. Yet, of course, we were growing up Protestant amidst a culture of Kapwa.

In retrospect, this is what those ambivalent feelings about eldership are about.

Today, I have a poster in my office with these words: What kind of ancestor are you going to be?

This question is my daily nudge in my path to eldership. Kapwa is a good model for this.

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