Sunday, November 01, 2009

Just finished reading Barbara Ehrenreich's History of Collective Joy

Bai Liza Saway told us the other night that in their Talaandig community everybody dances. From toddlers to elders, everyone dances at the ritual gatherings of the community. she said that in order to be a good leader, one must be a good dancer. a good dancer is someone who grows up with dance in her bones, with rhythm in her steps to keep up with the drums, and a dancer knows how to balance.

we don't often equate leadership qualities with the ability to dance. but doesn't it make sense?

Ehrenreich's book talks about the loss of our sense of collective joy as our bodies were tamed and suppressed by the demands of modernity. this loss needs healing. why not reclaim our distinctively human heritage as creatures who can generate their own ecstatic pleasures out of music, color, feasting, and dance? (260)

at our Center for Babaylan Studies fundraising events for the Babaylan Conference, we end with a tribal jam. drums, bells, gongs...and the release of our collective joy! come join us at the next events:

Nov. 21 -- Hanuman Healing Center on 18th St in San Francisco, 5-9pm
Nov. 22 -- Tribal Cafe in Los Angeles, 4-7pm


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