Thursday, October 29, 2009

This blogpost is for the Fil Am students at UCBerkeley and to Joi Barrios, their mentor on campus. Thank you for inviting me and Eileen Tabios to celebrate
"Day of the Filipino Womyn" with you. this is what I wrote to someone about my day with you.

dear one -
i was at UC Berkeley last night and gave a talk to Fil Am students.
themes: decolonization, revolutionary spirit and wisdom of the Filipina woman.

i made a case for the relevance of the indigenous world view and the
the importance of lengthening historical perspectives from 500 yrs of modernity to 10,000 years and beyond. decolonization as a spiritual path and practice. to develop a revolutionary spirit and wisdom -- respond to the call of the babaylan.

this is all imagined and symbolic work i know. but the work we create out of this energy is what is needed.

earlier in the day, He'ne'zi' Makes Noise, Lakota, talked to my students about being a traditional Indian. he touched all of our hearts. what shall we do in the face of what we remember? in the face of staggering and unrecoverable losses? we grieve. that is what we do.

out of grief, a release and surrender. to be able to think of the sadness of history within the larger story of human folly on earth. and that this larger story is just a small story within the larger story of the cosmos.

there is no word for 'death' in the Lakota language. to them, it's "home: to go back to the stars"...

i am made of stardust. and so are you.

love to you.

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