Tuesday, August 18, 2009

everyday i marvel at the dance of the babaylan.
a while back, a babaylan in Manila emailed: Leny, it is about dance. It is not the work of the willful mind's agenda, no matter how well-intended. i am learning...and this is how she teaches me...

almost everyday i get a message of surprise:

she wants to move to the Bay Area to be part of a babaylan community
she wants to create jewelry to give as gifts to the first conference registrants
she wants to do an art installation for the conference
she is organizing a ritual gathering in the Bay Area to raise funds for the conference
she is organizing a ritual gathering in Los Angeles to raise funds for the conference
she sends a facebook message: i am so touched by what i read in the website. i just know what you are saying. i just get it.
she wants to host a film night to raise funds for the conference.
she wants to do a powerpoint presentation to spread the word.
he wants us to use his photographs.
she is sending us energetic blessings from Mt Shasta.
he wants to be a media sponsor for the conference.
he wants to come to the conference ...all the way from Mindanao.

all of these gifts greet me every morning. who wouldn't be in awe?

we are in dire economic times. it costs money to put together an international conference. but all of us who envision this conference feel that the time is right.

Our time is Now. i just know...

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