Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Depression comes from our Indigenous Soul’s allergic reaction to a human life relegated to an uncourageous spiritual mediocrity. After all humans are not rational by nature, but sane only when blessing. And blessing is an ecstatic non-economical activity that means being willing to feed the Holy in Nature and the seed that feeds us all. Sanity and beauty go together. We cannot stay depressed once we’ve become worthy enough to have even our beautiful failure accepted as a feast by the Holy in the Earth. But these Holies eat only delicious beauty and depth. Mediocrity kills the Holy in Nature. Every creature, storm, star, plant and grain of dust in the Natural Universe feeds every other particle of the Holy in Nature with its unique beauty and substance inherent in their diverse Indigenous natures.

The unique beauty that we humans have to give comes either from our opposable thumbs or the complexity of our voices sung with speech intended as a gift. This is what is meant by ritual and is an innate part of our nature. But for humans with intact souls, true ritual is not for human benefit, but a way for them to use their innate natural capacity for ecstatic blessing by making beauty to feed the Holy in Nature. We need to give beautiful gifts to what both feeds and amazes us. Even our failures, cultural stupidities, losses, confusions and clumsiness for having never been shown, can be metabolized into a compost from which to sprout the best gifts of all to feed the Flowering Earth, animals, plants, stars, ocean and air.
— All Blessings -- Martín

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