Tuesday, July 28, 2009

revisiting i love to you exactly two years ago today.

thinking now of the triggering events that led me to Irigaray's work brought me back to a question that was posed to me two years ago: why have you never dealt with sexuality and the body in your work on decolonization? and the answer was that I needed to integrate the wisdom of my body into the cerebral work that I do. I needed to learn how to dance (again), how to chant, how to breath deeply; in other words, to be in a body-mind-spirit sense of wholeness.

last night as Vedel played her own composition Wonder on the guitar, Frances picked up some shells from my sungka and gave them to me and Venus to use as percussion. Lizae had the bells. and then Frances began to move to the music...slowly at first, low on the ground, then slowly rising and building up a crescendo of energy and movement. the cat scampered away as the thumping of feet on the floor must have confused her.

after the music and dance, it was palpable that we had briefly been in a non-ordinary state of reality. and there was no more need for words.

but shortly thereafter, i asked the group to describe what just happened and try to articulate it within a cognitive framework of some sort for an academic audience. you want to know the answer? you have to plan on attending the Babaylan conference...

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