Friday, February 13, 2009

now that i'm a bonafide Elder, i take delight in seeing the next generation take over.

Rod Magbual, Jeffrey Lawitan, Verma Zapanta, Lawrence Festin -- from Pin@y Educational Partnership (PEP) at San Francisco State U -- took over my Fil Am class last Wednesday and they rocked! my students were very impressed with the work of PEP. the energy level was high, spirits were lifted. after the guests left, we brainstormed on how we will change our pedagogies beginning with...tada! bringing food everyweek. so one of the students quickly passed a sign up sheet. next week: lumpia. then someone said he wants to learn about Filipino world music. another one wanted to learn dances. and then more heartfelt and heartbreaking personal revelations of regret for not knowing enough about Filipino history and heritage.

the students are not all Fil Ams. and yet most of them were able to connect with the sentiments. my grandpa is from Poland and i don't know why he came to this country. i feel sad about that.

the PEP teachers, under Allyson, are miracle workers: turning on students to a Freireian education.

check out PEP and please support them!

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