Thursday, January 08, 2009

photos by Jonathan Cena

Mendung Sabal has died.

A shaman never dies.
I like this image of her next to the iron butterfly that carried her to places outside of Lake Sebu and across the oceans.
These are some of her words as told to Grace Nono.
My knowledge is special because the spirits themselves taught me through my dreams... Lentinum is my main teacher... She bestowed on me the gifts she gave to the T'boli people.
My assignment is to heal and recount history; to teach how we must relate with our neighbors; how to handle conflicts and promote peace; to teach the values of bravery and the protection of our territory. I also teach how datu must deal with their wives...When people fight and kill and I sing to them, they start crying.
I think there would be peace if my song reaches the government.
I am unlettered. I blame my father for not sending me to school....But now that my songs are written down, I am confident. They won't be lost....it gives the spirits joy and fulfillment. I feel successful because my relationship with them is complete. Success means following the guidance of the spirits.
My dream is for us to keep alive what we have...
I love you, Mendung.

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