Thursday, December 25, 2008

been reading The Idea of Wilderness
watched Herzog's Encounters at the End of the World
invitation to week-long "indigenous science" retreat in Maui, Feb 09

as for holiday treats: i used to wonder why movie theaters were open on christmas day when everything else was closed. well, i wonder no longer because for the past two christmases we've gone to the movies with the rest of the Jewish community (it seems like). today's movie: The Reader.

and no traditional feast either. this year i made crab cioppino for noche buena and seafood paella for today's dinner. much as i crave the usual lechon, i just can't indulge in it anymore. and besides it's no fun without a crowd. our crowd does not get here until the 29th.

finally, this one and this one came in my inbox today. is it a spoiler or a wake-up call? i will go for the latter because i've been sensing this for a while now but i've been too timid to say it myself.

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