Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I wish there is an easy way to round out this year.

so many folks easily churn out holiday letters chronicling births, deaths, travels, pride in what has been accomplished during the year. these are the friends we hear from once a year. e.g., we hear from a couple who spent their years in the Philippines, he as the general manager of GM and she as the exec director of a foster care program. there's the other couple whose kids grew up with our kid. all the kids are married now and have kids of their own.

but then there are other letters we have not received this year and i am wondering what happened...i miss the letters -- these letters are markers of a shared past, a reminder of the way we were.

i didn't write a holiday letter this year. i don't know where to begin or what to say. i figure my dear friends understand this because they know what I've been through this past year. the anonymous reader of this blog may or may not get an inkling of what the obscurity is about but thank you, too, for continuing to come here.

there will be much to reveal in the coming year according to the baybayin oracle.

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