Saturday, November 22, 2008

this is the celebration luncheon spread today: lumpia, oven lechon, braised trout in kalamansi and soysauce and onions, bagoong, okra, tomatoes, sauteed ampalaya, adobong kangkong, rice. the troup ate with their hands and no one asked for flatware.

And these are the incredible women behind Remembering our Manongs: from left: Josie Quimado, Karen Pennrich, Delia Rapolla, Noemi Issel, Alice Viloria, PAt Romero. Not in photo: Flori Nowelsky and Lee Cachola. The chef is in the middle.

Remembering Our Manongs, the DVD, is now available for purchase. Please buy it and share the history of Filipinos in Sonoma County, Ca.

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