Monday, November 24, 2008

shifting gears here a bit...

re sexual and colonial violence, i came across the work of Andrea Smith whose body of work is mainly about this topic. googling for more info, i found out that she was denied tenure at U of Michigan ealier this year. in spite of protests, her tenure was not granted. next year she will be moving to UC Riverside.

i bring this up because there's been so much press lately about a post-racial America now that Obama has been elected. i think there is a real danger to going soft on the issue of race relations and those of us who teach about race will face temptations to succumb when the Obama postracial halo is foisted on us to distract us. but how do we teach about race now as we face youthful faces still basking in the Obama victory as evidence of post-raciality?

and then there is this quote i read this morning from Warren Buffet: "yes, there is a class warfare and it is being waged by us (his ilk) and we are winning."

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