Friday, November 21, 2008

For tomorrow's luncheon for the FANHS project team, I am making:
oven-roasted lechon...i hope the skin really gets crispy
adobong kangkong...would you believe a bunch costs $6.00?
ampalaya, eggplant, and okra...plain and boiled to dip in bagoong/vinegar
trout braised in soysauce, kalamansi and onions
buko pandan with lychee, sago, gulaman
someone will bring the lumpia shanghai and turon made of apples instead of bananas...

we will be eating on banana leaves and i'll dare them to eat with their hands...

and one of these days, i want to eat a whole crab with mustard greens, vinegar/bagoong for dipping. but this will have to wait until after thanksgiving.

i'm still looking for the no-fuss turkey dinner and i think i might settle for stuffed turkey breasts...

i've done a lot of cooking during the last few months. it calms me, makes me happy deep down because my best childhood memories are of watching my mother in the kitchen. this was during the time when cooking was the main event of the day...from going to market early morning for the freshest ingredients whether it's jumping shrimp, crawling crabs, wriggling catfish, or live chickens -- i went with my Mom and learned how to pick and choose and bargain. then i learned how to prepare the shrimp, catfish, and the chicken and learned how to cook.

i am from an eating culture. eating for us is sacred. eating is sharing. so much to say about this but i need to get back to the kitchen...

wish you were here.

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