Sunday, October 26, 2008


On the street where I live people have their signs out. Across the street, the Christian fundamentalist family have a "yes on 8" sign. Next door to them is a couple from Mexico and they have a "Ron Paul" sign. On our lawn, we have our Obama/Biden sign. Across from us, a parked truck with the confederate flag. Several more houses with the American flag and lawn signs for local elections.

Online: Facebook and listserves offer no respite from the glut of editorials, homemade movies, political ads, propaganda, clips from SNL or Daily Show.

In the mail: more ads about the propositions sent by organizations we support like The League of Conservation Voters, SIerra Club, California Teachers Association, etc.

On television: Bill Moyers' Journal.

So what's on your lawn, inbox, mailbox? I noticed that in all of the above, none is about personal conversation or face-to-face interaction. This is what I miss.

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