Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Philippe Garcesto's Dream -- please email him at philippegarcesto@yahoo.com if you share his dream. I met Philippe at the Kapwa 2 Iloilo conference and I support his dream and vision. Please read the last two paragraphs...and you, too, will recognize these feelings.

Dear Friends,

Hey how's it going? I miss being in the Philippines. I'm back in the USA now, I just moved to Queens over in NYC. I've been here for about a week now, getting settled in.

I'm over here because I'm trying to start up a multi-media- discipline art collective here. I'm still writing the proposals to a local Filipino-American community center here, but I want to create an art movement here that represents fundamental change in the status quo. The purpose of the group is to empower the Filipino-American community by using art to illustrate the moderns truggles of the Philippines and the Filipino-American community with a broader implication of reaching out to Filipino workers all around the world.

But it won't be limited to exploring those struggles, it will be also be about providing the solution to the colonialism mindset by addressing the issues of 5 centuries of colonialism through the awareness of the self and through the celebration of our cultural heritage by fusing the past with the present to create a bold new future aligned towards living in balance with the planet and ourselves.

It is a tremendous goal, but one I am willing to fight for over here because I believe that if the people are unable to realize just how far the cage extends to, how can they truly be free? The corruption in the Philippines and the extent of the poverty there is directly related to colonial agression and the current economic stranglehold of the multinational corporations who are the heir to Columbus's conquests.

I do not have the knowledge to do this on my own, I need your help. It is my hope that through collaborating with you, together we can empower the Filipino-Youth to be proud of the cultural heritage while also bringing into the mainstream as a transformative cultural experience for the USA and the world. You have the knowledge and the connections in the Philippines, I think together through the internet we can do some inter-continental collobarations, video, visual, audio, workshops, etc.

I'm tired of living in a reality created by false material prophets. The world desperately needs a new direction, and it will not come from political leaders looking to maintain the status quo or make a tighter grip on freedom for the people. I am a child of the movement that will transform this planet.

I seek to find the balance in myself and the balance for the whole. I seek to empower the Filipino community, to be the transformative change agents. We were integrated into the USA for a reason, we were given the English language for a reason. There are 9 million Filipinos in the majority of countries in the world for a reason.

I've experience alot in the Philippines that has changed me fundamentally. Perhaps it is analagous to attempting to breathe air all of my life in the USA when in reality I had gills the whole time.

Ingats! Mahal,

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