Monday, September 15, 2008

A friend who works with "dreaming in the indigenous mind" suggested that what I'm going through is akin to an "initiation" into the next phase of my life. Initiations or rites of passage are usually accompanied by pain or suffering, chaos, disintegration, fear, a dark night of the soul, she said. Therefore, all the more important to be in community, to have a container, and have many witnesses as one passes through this process. It is also important to have rituals -- of protection, cleansing, healing -- which should be done within this circle of witnesses.

I am adjusting to this cocoon (it feels like it). The energy feels different. The focus is different. The body is talking more while the mind can now more willingly be silent. I am often surprised by tiny shifts in the consciousness. Some energies feel so new and yet so ancient.

While my sariling duwende (thanks to Kidlat Tahimik for this term) is reinventing itself, I am carried along by love pouring out of family and friends. Thank you to Venus for making sure I have Filipino indigenous music cds to accompany me.

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