Thursday, June 05, 2008

Behind Closed Dollars at MHF :Western Ideas/Colonial Mentality

Felecia Perez, Teresa MacCool, Jodie Olympia, Venus Herbito -- panelists at MHF's forum on Ancestral Healing -- shared their stories of decolonization and in doing so also professed their faith in Bathala and invoked the babaylan spirit in their quest for ancestral healing.

Over the years they have created rituals for reconnecting with ancestral roots, for tapping into babaylan-inspired energy. Most of these rituals were received through dreams and other signposts along the way.

Each of their stories tonite is anchored in the soul's call for wholeness. Each story is a "working through" within the framework of a History that requires unraveling and detangling - so that the story can flow and one can begin to see clearly the babaylan path that has always been there, beckoning.

Perhaps our decolonization process is our initiation ritual for us moderns. An invisible/visible community that holds us together, calls us and connects us in serendipitous ways through our dreams, books, mentors, mentors, family, and friends.

The women want to write their stories, perform them, take their work on the road...and I have no doubt they will find an audience.

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