Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thinking Aloud:
Editorials opine that Obama is appealing to the nobler side, the good side, of Americans.
Of an America undivided by race, class, sex and gender.
Of an America that will restore democracy from the ground up.
His supporters/voters are mostly the young, urban, and highly educated.
Many are whites and/or multiracial.
They want the audacity to hope.
Will Hope be enough to get their man elected?

If Clinton argues that her supporters do not like elitist language; are hard-working, working class white Americans, what is she saying? really saying?
Is she deploying the coded language of race?
Does she not believe that America has transcended race?
Or is she alluding that one needs to be young, urban, and highly educated to transcend racial politics?
Is this logic believable? Or is she saying this just to get elected?
Are working class white Americans not capable of an educated view of racial politics? Why undermine the wisdom or intelligence of white folks?
Why stir up their insecurities and encourage them to deploy their sense of racial entitlements just to hold on to an illusion that they are still better than folks who are not white?

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