Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Finals Week!! As I'm reading through some of the final reflections from students, I can't help but post a couple of feedback written by two tough guys:

1) Signing up for the class,... I checked out Strobel on rate my professor. Two white males, by their own declaration, said that white guys are hated in this class. They have no voice, they can’t refute any ideas, and they felt very upset and angry after each session. I freaked out a little, but figured “Why not?”. I am pretty understanding and open, and not afraid of other groups. I knew white people have done bad things. I have read a lot of history and knew about many of the atrocities we spoke of this semester. (Those guys on Rate My Professor could not have been any more wrong, Thank You Professor Strobel!)

It is not every day that one can say they were truly moved and changed by a class. It can almost seem cliché to say that here at SSU. For me, my college career is coming to an end in four days. Of all the classes that were not part of my major, I would have to say that this class was the best. I took a film study class, an upper division history class, a very interesting Anthro class, and a challenging physics class. Out of all of them, I learned the most about relevant, real life stuff here. I didn’t think that was gonna be possible.

2) I spent the whole semester trying to figure out why people were so upset but I understand that I will never understand. I do not know what it is like to be of another race than white. Hell, I don’t even think I am white but rather the result of a bunch of Europeans humping. But still, I am white. So why am I upset? It is because this course taught me to be responsible. I now know that I have to take responsibility for things that I may have not done directly to someone. I know now I have to set an example for myself.

I'm always a little sad saying goodbye to students.
They do not know this.
Our partings are not sentimental.
Heck, some of them can't wait for the semester to be over.
But there are always a few that I will remember
For what we have taught each other.

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