Friday, April 04, 2008

It's been around for ten years but I didn't get to see it till this week. I had to go because V has joined the cast this year. I'm so proud of the inner healing work she's done. And she's expressed it through her poetry, visual art, and now as actor.

I was raised to be mahinhin so I didn't know how I would react to VM. What I appreciated about this version is the inclusion of a video clip and a choral poem about the Lolas and Evelina Galang's ongoing fight for justice for the surviving comfort women. I also liked Charmaine Clamor's musical interludes between the monologues. Oh, but can she act as well! She did the monologue on c-u-n-t! As for all the stories about hair, floods, moans, mirrors...some of the lines were really funny.

But...why is it that when the monologues were about sexual and domestic violence, it was the "other" that told the stories -- the Native American women and Bosnian women. This didn't sit well with me...as if all the pleasure belonged to white women and all the pain to women of color?

The Filipino touch to the VM -- the colorful barongs...and later, the children joining their mothers on stage - that was powerful!

As usual, Marily Mondejar of FWN and her team, makes us all proud to be Fil Am women warriors. It was good to see Nida Recado (on the cover of FWN magazine and in person) and Elena Mangahas. Thank you, sisters!

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