Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I will be walking 10K in the Human Race next month to raise funds for the Sonoma COunty Chapter of FANHS. We need additional funds to finish our videodocumentary on the Manongs of Sonoma County. In these difficult economic and political times, it's tough asking for money but there are some projects that, in the larger scheme of things, need to be finished. When finished, this Oral HIstory Project will mark a historic moment for Filipinos in this part of the world. Can I count on your support? Email me, pls: lenystrobel@sbcglobal.net.

My local community involvement balances my tendency to focus on the Big Picture. I am reminded that in this big picture I am, ultimately, responsible and accountable to the local even while networked with others on a global level.

In my classes we often discuss what "community" means in this age of cyberconnectivity. I think one question posed to me sums up a quick answer: When a natural disaster happens and you have to rely on others to pull you out of the debris, will your cybercommunity be there? Oh, I know...we can argue what "there" means or what "community" means but in the end, it is always where the body is that matters, isn't it?

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