Friday, March 28, 2008

Rev. Jeremiah Wright writes to Jody KAntor of New York Times. Read it here because NYT didn't publish this. Or here:
Six months ago a friend told me that she would write-in Al Gore in the primary elections as a way of foregrounding the importance of the global climate crisis. Yesterday she told me that she changed her mind and cast her vote for Obama because, in times like these, the country needs someone who inspires and appeals to our better natures.

This story seems to repeat itself: Friends who said they are voting for someone else have, within the last few months, switched to the Obama camp. I even suspect that one friend who works for the Clinton campaign will also end up voting for Obama.

Until now I have avoided blogging about this campaign. Until recently I've never donated to a political campaign. But there is too much at stake. And I'm reaching for Hope.

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