Thursday, February 21, 2008

High School Reunion highlights:

  • Grand Alumni Homecoming: I don't know how I got nominated to receive an "outstanding alumna" award for Arts and Culture. And I don't know why more folks from my class who are equally deserving were not nominated.
  • Sumptous luncheon and dinner hosted by a classmate on his farm resort.
  • Booklaunching of the little book that could. Highlights: the priest blessing the books, signing books for the teachers and counselors, ceremonial signing of the "deed of donation," presenting the book to the governor, Among Ed.
  • Trip to Bohol, Panglao Island: chocolate hills, tarsiers, "blood compact" site, ancient churches, river boat cruise, karaoke, winning the raffle grand prize, the circle of candle, closing circle, walks by the beach, massages, late night chat.

I'm back now. Or am I?

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