Sunday, January 06, 2008

Via Grace, submit your essays to Yes Means Yes! - on ending rape culture. Grace is also doing a mother-daughter journal workshop. See 12/27 post. Yeah!

A few years before my mother died, I asked her to start journaling. I gifted her with beautiful journal books on my trips home. After she died, I gathered all her notebooks, transcribed them, and the Christmas of the year she died, I presented my family with the book of Esperanza Luna.
We will always have this.

In Solar Storms, Hogan rewrites the creation story. She writes that on the sixth day, humans were given their place with the earth. But some of them went astray and started walking away thinking that the story is finished after the seventh day of rest. So on the ninth day, when stories were created, they missed out and have been lost ever since.

Then, on the ninth day was the creation of stories, and these had many uses. They taught a thing or two about doing work, about kindness and love. She told me there were even stories to show a way out of unhappiness. . . Then there was the creation of singing and songs. If those drifting ones would have stayed behind, they might even have learned the antidote for war. But they heard only as far as the creation of war on the sixth day. Thieves were created on that same day, too. (181)

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