Wednesday, December 12, 2007

good report from Michelle on the launch of PRAU! it's true, i seldom make it to events in the bay area anymore except for events that i'd be a fool to pass up...like this one. all these poets are so ma-drama!!

Eileen's performance before Jean's reading was apropos: Poetry can survive the tearing of a book of poems. It made me think of the poems in Prau alluding to the strength that sings in its pages.

That night, as the poets read their work, I felt the fire within and without. Yeah, poetry as fire.

Manong Al whispered to me as we said goodbye: keep the fire burning...otherwise we'd go hungry.

and yes, Michelle, am still singing the sound of music in my head. did i tell you i know the entire soundtrack? yeah, i think most Pinays probably do, too. so let's have a sing-along when your transpositions are ready. can't wait to hear your version of: nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could...but somewhere in my youth or childhood, i must have done something good....

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