Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Cannibal dreams continued...

the cannibal has turned into a friendly, affectionate, corporate manager. he took my hand and led me to a door guarded by bill gates(!). they exchanged banter as if they'd known each other a long time. i joined in and told bill that we actually serve on the same diversity committee but we haven't been introduced. door leads to an upper level courtyard overlooking the city. the cannibal sets up a picnic basket and takes out a large bowl of super-large olives and he starts pouring himself a drink. soon we are surrounded by other strangers and i wanted to get away from them. we walked away and came upon a table but we were told we couldn't take the table as it belonged to the restaurant. so walked away again and just stopped at a lookout. the cannibal said he wouldn't be seeing me for a long time but that during this separation he wants me to remember that he loves me. we said goodbye and my last words were:
okay, when you are no longer a co-dependent, come back and see me.

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