Friday, December 07, 2007

Been following Karen's story in the Philippines. Two weeks ago, she skyped me during a moment of sadness but I couldn't talk to her then because the crime next door was unfolding. Sensing her sadness, I called one of my high school classmates in Pampanga (oh, the recent resurrections of former lives!) and requested that she contact Karen and to just - please- check in on her.

The next day Rose called me and she talked of her time with Karen and this is what she said:

Barrio Madapdap is so remote! I thought we'd never find her. But oh my! what is this young Fil Am doing here, living by herself in bare quarters? She doesn't even have a ref! Providing basic health services among the poor using her own money, no funding support from agencies, helping the locals by funding small livelihood projects -- I couldn't stop thinking of her all night after we left her. It made me wonder why someone from the US would leave her comfortable life to come here and do this kind of work. And those of us who live here in comfort, we do not even see this kind of need! Maybe we just get immuned to seeing the poverty and suffering. In fact, I tell my kids to work hard so they can leave this country. And now that I've met Karen, I'm having second thoughts about this message I'm telling my kids. Now I'm really thinking...that when we have our class reunion in February, we should visit Karen. Our classmates need to see what she is doing...

So dear Muki -- finding home for you is also leading others to the home they may not recognize that is beneath their feet. circle. come full circle. again and again.

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