Thursday, November 15, 2007

Via Eileen...from Ernesto. Thank you for this. It resonates deeply.

Someone has noticed that my last few posts were melancholic. Yes. The cannibal dreams were disturbing, at first. They were prescient. The events that unfolded after the dream proved that. An angel reminded me: Leny, bless the cannibals; the blessing will form a shield around your baby. Surround your baby with light and she will be protected.

I wonder often how the wounds we inflict (knowingly or not) on each other are a part of the trauma in need of mourning, as Ernesto points out. If one doesn't even recognize the trauma, does one then resort to cannibalism (i.e. cannibalism means to eat one's own)? How then do we eat each other? What does "eat" mean? I know about "eating the other" but not one's own. The dream wants to point me in a different direction.

Cannibalism is a taboo in this civilized culture. There is prohibition against eating the other...but what if it means "eating one's own?" To eat the same flesh that keeps you alive.

We must be ravenous in mourning.

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