Friday, November 02, 2007

The Little Book That Could

"From Our Hearts To Yours: Letters to a Young Student" -- this is the title of the small book that I'm editing for a 40th high school reunion. When this idea was conceived I had no idea whether it would fly; whether my classmates would come through and write those letters; whether we will find the funding to print 2000 copies requested by the Principal of our high school.

Thanks to a core group of classmates who embraced this project, I now have a 100-page manuscript ready to go to the book designer! Ah yes - another miracle!! Perla Daly, my soulsister and book designer of my orange book - said that she would do the book design - as a way for us to stay connected. I love this woman!! I trust her aesthetic sense. I trust her period.

Not only do I have a book designer on board, the artist Mon David, who is an alumnus of the same school and Outstanding Kapampangan awardee as the best ambassador of Pampanga culture, has agreed to write the Foreword as well as create a single-track CD of a Pampango song that we will include as an insert in the book. The Principal of the school will write the Afterword. Fifteen classmates submitted "Dear Student" letters.

There is also a textbook publisher in the Philippines who is publishing the book and later, would be willing to develop this as a textbook for Philippine high school English classes.

A couple of times I've been tempted to give up on this project. But I remember the largeness of vision, heart, and love that gave birth to the idea and all I know is that this baby wants to be born. This is Eros teaching me Trust, Letting Go, and Breaking Open.

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