Sunday, November 04, 2007

The interesting part of the FWN summit for me was participating in the Authors' Reception at the Library of Congress, Asia Division. It was announced at the reception that Reme Grefalda will soon replace Dr. Lee as the head of the Library of Congress Asia Division. This is great news indeed!

Reme has great plans for expanding the Asian Pacific American Collection. When she told me that I should not throw away any of my primary/raw data for my research because they should eventually be archived at the LoC, I thought of all the scholars whose works belong to this archive -- Steffi San Buenaventura, for example. I need to start wrapping my mind around this idea...

p.s. notice this: when you click the link above, you will notice the ads for Asian nose surgery, sexy Asian girls, and Asian singles. what is more ironic?

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