Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I am tagged by Luisa Igloria. I am supposed to write down the 6th sentence on page 161 of the book I am reading,and then tag five bloggers, then write down the sentence I found, on my blog; the idea is to keep this going...

I'm no good at math but I'll do what Luisa did. I'm reading PRAU and there's 91 pages. 161 minus 91 equals 70. This is a blank page so I go to page 71 and the 6th line in Loophole is

subject to sentience

indeed i am.

Okay, tagging five more bloggers: Becs, Karen, Grace, Eileen, and Michelle.

As for the rest of PRAU...this boat is still making its way to anchored sentience in my psyche. to be continued...

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