Friday, October 19, 2007

Sisterhood and Eros

One girlfriend has left her religious community in the Dianic tradition. It seems that when her Mother died, her Filipino memories came flooding back in: her mother as the keeper of family stories, the healer, the indigenous one. Her religious community, she realized, has never been that curious about her being Filipina and that has become a source of sadness and pain. She wants to find her community among Filipina sisters.

One girlfriend describes this time of her life as "almost a nervous breakdown" as she rearranges her family situation sans husband of many years.

One girlfriend discovered her "lost" self at a clown school and broke all the molds that told her she couldn't live outside the molds created for her by someone else. Freedom at last. She was surprised that she found her joyful self among clowns and circus folks.

One girlfriend has moved into a coop housing in the heart of Detroit. And yes, she loves it: the colors, the creativity, the community. Yes, the inner city is poor and many folks are struggling but this is where she feels so keenly the pulse of aliveness compared to the blandness of the suburbs.

Thanks to yahoo messenger, we are able to laugh and cry together about transitions, about menopaws (meow!), and welcoming Eros in our lives. I told them that I imploded last summer and out of that implosion, the birth of many creative projects that comes from a source that feels new, deep, expansive, miraculous.

As I write this, I'm listening to Mon David's CD Abe Mu Ku, and his song about Ima/Mother...and I do believe that it is our Mother, Great Mother, that propels us in all directions. Sky. Earth. Fire. Water.

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