Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Her heart broke into pieces as Eros showed up at the gate and began to rattle the cage. All her fine china and mirrors in the house fell into smithereens at her feet. The gentle soul she expected would save her from falling apart was nowhere to be found. Perhaps he was out in the garden staring at the fading moon of the morning. He doesn't have the language and the poetry she needs. He utters the old script but she knows it's not the truth. If Eros remains veiled would she recognize the truth she seeks?

I offer salve but it's too intellectual, too theoretical...about Eros, psychic irruptions, individuation, transcendence. I try to translate but I falter. Pain is not soothed by abstractions.

For now a prayer. May you be kind to each other as you try to get to know this Eros in your midst. She who comes uninvited and sits in the middle of the room waiting for you to sit at her feet so she may offer you her gift of Becoming Two. She will tear asunder this Oneness that has calcified the mold that now imprisons you. She will liberate you, give you a new pair of dancing shoes. But first, the pain and tears of giving birth to this new way of Being.

I hold you in my heart until then.

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