Tuesday, September 25, 2007

i cradled your anger, frustration, and disappointment for an hour as you let yourself go. i let you suckle on my empathy. i wanted to be there for you both. what you couldn't say to each other, i held in my body, this fragile body not quite used to being a container for someone's else grief. because i love you both, i listened without trying to tell you what to do. perhaps that is all that was needed because twenty four hours later you tell me that it is okay now between the two of you. i am relieved but i am spent. i do not mind. what i am recovering from is that other voice telling me that i should not have allowed myself to stand as a third party. that is the place for a lawyer, not you, the admonition said. this, more than the hours of listening to two, is, in the end, what saddens me the most.

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