Thursday, August 02, 2007

Rising Stars at SSU

This is the culminating event of the five-week Academic Talent Search (ATS) summer program at SSU. 180 middle school students from all over Sonoma County were represented. Every year this program identifies a theme and this year the focus is on the Philippines. Thanks to the presence of Raul Pasamonte, our Fil Am person at the ATS program who was able to convince his colleagues to feature the Philippines, the students learned about the many facets of the Philippines while learning MAth, Science, and Language Arts.

Serendipituously, this program follows the Fulbright Hays' KAPWA conference in June. The ATS teachers were able to attend the conference and gather curriculum materials that were integrated into this program.

If you notice this is a very multi-ethnic, multiracial, multicultural group of students. This is what Sonoma County (and California, and soon the entire US) will look like.

The photos do not even begin to capture the energy and enthusiasm of the students... as one of their teachers told me: It is so important for these kids to see the parallels in our histories, to begin to see how interconnected we are.

Please backchannel and tell me you are impressed! That you will tell your child's teacher about this program. That you will be an advocate for the integration of FIlipino and Fil American content in your child's curriculum. Wherever you might be: in the US, in the Philippines, or anywhere else!

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