Sunday, August 26, 2007

*Percentage of Americans who agree with the statement, "the free enterprise system and free market economy is the best system on which to base the future of the world.":71

Percentage of the French who agree with this statement: 36

Percentage of the Chinese who agree with this statement: 74

Number of Earth-sized planets needed if global resource consumption matched that of the U.S.: 3

*The Program on International Policy Attitudes, June 2006/ Yes!Winter 2007

Went for a long wine country drive today...which I haven't done in a long time. These days every decision to go anywhere is always conflated by the awareness of the size of my ecological footprint (too big!) and the fact that this country is at war supposedly because "the American lifestyle is non-negotiable." This means my lifestyle (of playing wine country tourist), too. (Was I a bobo in paradise today?) No matter how occasional these forays are and no matter how I try to get into my zen zone, guilt intrudes. With guilt comes the temptation to psychoanalyze...which I don't want to do anymore. At least there is still this space for confession:Mea culpa.

But,oh, the vineyards are heavy with grapes that are almost ready for harvest. The naked ladies (the plant, not the flesh, variety) along the coast are a deep pink, compared to the sun-drenched pale ones inland. The ocean was gray today and the fog is hanging just above the cliffs so I could still enjoy the sight of eight-foot waves crushing on the beach.

Always...when I'm on the coast of this side of the Pacific, my eyes gaze at that line on the horizon knowing that beyond are my Islands. My feet are here. My heart is here...and there, too. Can the heart be large enough to hold everything in-between? -- the beauty, the sadness, the joy, the anger, the insanity, the love...

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