Thursday, August 09, 2007

Nice find: Francisco Tanglao-Aguas via Bec. Right below her essay on thanatos and aletheia is Apl de Ap's Bebot on YouTube. Gotta love this guy from Angeles, Pampanga!

Last night, my sister made me watch a Filipino movie (Kailangan Kita) starring Aga Mulach and Claudine Barretto. (I haven't watched a Filipino movie since Marilou Abaya's Rizal). Interesting plot: A Fil Am from Bicol returns to his hometown to marry his NY-based girlfriend who is arriving late for their wedding date. In the interim, Carl falls in love with the homely Lena, the younger sister of the would-be-bride...as Lena leads him "home" to his Filipinoness and reconciliation with his estranged father. He falls in love with her as he also falls in love with Bicol all over again but the ending of the film isn't clear whether he returns to Bicol for good or whether he brings Lena to the US with him.

I found it interesting that Filipino movies are attempting these cross-over themes -- of diaspora and transnationalism. It might not be the last movie that I watch.

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