Friday, August 10, 2007

Just thinking:
I turned off the TV because I can't stand corporate media anymore. Not those awful reality shows or the loud raging pundits or not even the cool Oprah or reruns of sex and the city. not even the so -you -think -you -can -dance shows. sure i miss the surly dr. house, who wouldn't. even Jon Stewart doesn't turn me on anymore and Amy Goodman is on at midnight and am too sleepy to wait.

I turned off the TV to listen to music online. to read. to blog. to go for long walks instead. to gaze at the garden's delights. to talk to friends i've not talked to in ages. to listen to stories. to watch indie films with popcorn. to cook. to linger at bookstores. to feel local. to feel this place where my feet dwell.

I turned off the TV because I don't want to be angry and scared anymore. Anger at fundamentalists and authoritarian bigots, foreign policy blunders, arrogant leadership. anger at being made to feel scared by my own government and corporate interests: scared of immigrants, nonenglish speaking peoples, homeless, gays, trannies, gangsters, the poor, drug addicts. they have us all feeling scared so we numb ourselves by buying guns to secure our illusion of safety; medicating ourselves to sleep, medicating every condition there is. restless leg syndrome anyone?

I turned off the TV to dwell in reverie. to go inward. to dive deep. to read poetry. to listen to feelings. to feel the tingling of my fingers. to feel the thumping of my heart. to feel the ache in my knees. to taste the salt of my tears. to feel the tiredness of my bones. to feel the sadness. to feel the love. to feel the longing. to feel the joy. to feel awe. to feel gratitude. to feel the body.

But today I get an email that Annalisa Enrile, Ninotchka Rosca, and Janice Mirkinson of GABRIELA are all being held/detained in the Philippines and are not allowed to return to the US. It's time to take action...again.

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