Monday, July 09, 2007

Today, I am feeling very honored to have been given permission to work on this babaylan book. Sharing with you a snippet below:

From Agnes' (she also gave the keynote paper at the 2005 Babaylan conference) babaylan manuscript, she quotes:

Iding, a Manobo baylan from Agusan del Sur....

Nganong kinahanglan man i-sangyaw sa mga Kristiyanos ang Ginoo/Dios Dayag man unta ang Dios sa kinaiyahan. Nganong dili nalang kaplagan ang Dios sa kinaiyahan? (we wonder why Christians need to preach about God, when God's Presence is clear in all of Creation. Why do Christians not allow Creation to make God known to us?..The forest is now being destroyed because the Christians removed God from it. They put God in a building. If you do not see God living in nature, you would not hesitate to destroy it...

". . . But the babaylan is also saying that...almost all indigenous cultures, including our own, are at risk in terms of their survival. We cannot talk about wholeness or indigenous peoples' wellsprings of wisdom, or the babaylan, without recognizing that they face the possibility of cultural genocide, along with the loss of their ancestral domains."

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